Communication Skills Training, Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Email Etiquette
Communication Skills, Customer Service, Email Etiquette
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Helping companies to develop their High-potential & High-level employees to be more effective & credible leaders. Seminars, Long-term programs (4-12 months), Online learning, Keynotes by Kelly Watkins, & Executive Coaching.

        Welcome to Expressive Concepts!

If you’ve landed on this page, please note … this isn’t our main website.  (For up-to-date resources and info, visit: .)

This site is a nod to nostalgia.  Expressive Concepts was founded by Kelly Watkins in 1992 – before websites and email. This design was created for our first website in the late 1990's.

So, for fun & memories – we’ve kept the old framework.  Below is an Overview of the current Expressive Concepts. I promise the info is up-to-date. However, it’s just a peek. If you want to know specifics about how we can help your company, please visit our primary website:

When seeking Leadership Development, people search for many labels – leadership training, leadership courses, leadership development training, leadership seminars, executive coaching, talent management, talent development, professional development, soft skills training, and executive presence.

We call it Executive Professionalism™
The term was created by Kelly Watkins to describe -
the ability to communicate & perform like a credible, professional leader

 Overview of Services –
all customized for you!

We “fill the gap” in existing training – targeting specific needs or assisting with special projects.  Because our niche is creating highly-customized programs, we provide training that fits your culture and uses your language.   

You have unique challenges. We create unique solutions just for you.

Do your … High Potential Employees need professional development?  Key Employees need to lead more effectively?  Leaders need to create customer service culture?  Teams need less conflict?  Global Staff need cross-cultural training

►  Short-term Solutions (2 hours to 2 days  OR  30-minute Keynote)
We offer interactive and energetic educational Semin
ars and Keynotes.  These are customized and designed for your needs, including relevant examples.  We create an entertaining learning environment, along with interaction from specially-designed activities.  Attendees learn practical techniques they can implement now!   

 Pre & Post Work - Individualized Learning Experience
This innovative follow-up system allows participants to continue learning and makes them accountable for results.  This includes individual Action Plans.

►  Long-term Solutions (4 to 12 months)
We believe in a comprehensive, integrated approach to solving problems.  It takes time to learn skills and change behavior.  Our long-term programs include:  live seminars, guided group discussions, online learning, 1-on-1 Coaching, and self-directed learning. 

►  Individual Solutions (Executive Coaching)
We provide Executive Coaching to High-Level & High-Potential employees – individually or in small groups.  This includes our online Professional Development Program. Marshall Goldsmith Coaching (with a Certified Coach).

All programs are customized. No generic presentations here!

Executive Professionalism™ Development Topics

 Executive Professionalism is the ability
to communicate & perform like a credible, professional leader

Kelly Watkins in Antarctica

Kelly Watkins has witnessed leadership from awesome to awful ...
all over the planet - on all 7 continents & all 50 US states

We hope you've enjoyed your visit to our nostalgic website.  If you'd like to see our current site, with all our info, please visit