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Need a Shopping Cart for your website?
If you're developing or updating your website, don't even think about using any shopping cart until you take a look at Kickstartcart.  This thing will do everything but wash the dishes (and you just might make enough money using Kickstartcart to hire someone to do the dishes for you).  Click here to learn more:  <>
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Need a new logo or letterhead design?  Want to create brochures or catalogs? 
Al Moreschi has done ALL my designs -- from logo to letterhead to brochures to book covers.  Al is one of those rare talents who just "gets it."  He understands what you're trying to accomplish with your message - regardless of your industry - and he executes that message brilliantly.  To see more, click here:
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Anita Vyas is another great resource for graphic design work.  She brings her international experience and expertise to your project.  Email Anita at:
Need a website developed?
I've used services from these three vendors.  They are all great.
1.  Al Moreschi
2.  Anita Vyas
3.  Visual Savvy
Need an ISP (host for your website/email) who offers EXCELLENT service? 
Tired of talking to "help" desks staffed by people who are rude and stupid?  Then, check out Fastball Internet Services.  These guys (and gals) are awesome.  They know what they're doing, and they're NICE while they're doing it.  How's that for different?
Fastball offers DSL, cable broadband, "old-fashioned" dial-up, web hosting, email hosting, and more ... 
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Click here to visit Kelly's website dedicated to customer service:



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