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Communication Skills, Customer Service, Email Etiquette
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Presentations are customized to meet your specific objectives. 

No generic, off-the-shelf programs here!

These programs offer practical, nuts and bolts techniques with relevant industry-specific examples that participants can implement immediately.   (See below for on-going training series.)

Who Am I? Who Are You?

Identify your behavior style. Build on your strengths and work on your limitations. Determine the behavior style of employees and customers. Then, adapt your style to communicate more effectively.

Create a Positive, Professional Image

Create a professional image by improving your verbal skills. Stand above the competition by using positive language and avoiding credibility robbers.

Cure the ZZZs: Enliven Communication

Learn how to use stories/examples to conduct better training, enhance communication, and create rapport. Discover practical techniques for telling stories/examples. This energetic speaker will share relevant stories for illustration and inspiration.


ABCs: Above & Beyond Customer Service

Recognize the importance of customer service. Learn how to go above and beyond by: listening, exceeding expectations, and dealing with upset customers.


Train Employees to Give Exceptional Service

The only thing that distinguishes you from the competition is your employees and the level of service they offer. Discover practical techniques for developing customer-oriented employees. Learn activities you can use to make training fun and educational.


Public Speaking as a Marketing Tool

Discover ways to market your business by speaking. Then, learn practical techniques for giving polished presentations that sizzle and sell.


Will the Audience Throw Eggs?

Learn to give polished, professional presentations that sizzle with pizzazz! Discover specific techniques to: overcome nervousness; get (and keep) the audiences attention; prepare efficiently; and present with confidence.


Huh? What Did You Say?

Active listening helps you avoid conflict, decrease costly miscommunications, and create better relationships with customers and employees. Discover the three common barriers to effective listening. Learn how to overcome these barriers. Learn five techniques to improve your skills. Identify your natural listening style. Learn the appropriate style for different situations, and determine how you can adapt your listening skills.

Keynote Motivational Speeches

Leadership Lessons from Antarctica

Be the type of leader youd want to follow! This visually-stunning, inspirational keynote includes techniques for communicating as a leader. The inspiring stories show how to survive in harsh environments whether its Antarctica or in your industry. The entertaining examples provide specific suggestions to help you communicate more effectively as a leader.

Hear heroic tales of early explorers and their commitment to their crews.
And, ask yourself – How committed am I to my team?

Observe pictures of wildlife who thrive in brutal conditions.
And, ask yourself – How can I flourish in my work environment?

See stunning landscape photos and be inspired by the personal experiences of Kelly J. Watkins, who achieved her life-long dream by journeying to her seventh continent.

And, ask yourself – What am I actively doing to achieve my dreams?

Be entertained … Be inspired … Be motivated … Be a leader

A Little Bit Matters

How do you exceed customer expectations and create memorable experiences in your industry? By occasionally doing big things? No. The best way to impress your customers is to do the little stuff all the time. Be entertained and inspired while discovering specific techniques you can use to improve the customer experience.


In-depth Programs/On-going Series

In-depth programs are designed specifically to meet your objectives. A needs analysis is conducted to determine content and delivery methods (i.e., workshop, on-going series, CD/ROM, web-based, distance learning). Research includes interviewing employees, reading company materials, reviewing industry periodicals, and incorporating your mission and values into the program.

Leadership Institute

Learn practical leadership skills through a series of courses. Simultaneously, you work on real-world assignments that allow you to practice and apply the skills you are learning. This integrated program is custom-designed for your organization to teach the concepts relevant to you.


Supervisory Skills Certification

This is a series of workshops. Exact topics are selected based on your needs. Potential concepts: listening skills, verbal & non-verbal skills, presentation skills, behavior styles, providing employee feedback, coaching, training, and using positive language. (A condensed version is available as a one-day seminar.)


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